Value of PMI PMP Certification

Many Project Managers often wonder whether it is worth getting the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is partly due to the cost and the complicated examination and time involved in attaining the certification.
To begin with, the certification carries some amount of prestige and no doubt beefs up one resume. It is a huge asset to have as you advance in your career. It also enables one become better prepared to handle lucrative job opportunities. You are likely to be hired as a project manager over someone who doesn’t have the certification. A project manager with a PMP certification besides their name has extra credibility which is important when dealing with new clients.
The rigorous process of attaining the certification requires one to gain skills in project management by working in the field for a specified amount of time and taking some classwork. This prepares one to assume greater responsibilities in the future. It also boosts one’s self-confidence in their abilities to handle such projects.
Another benefit of attaining this certification is that you are in a better position to negotiate a higher salary either in your current position or in a new position. It is reported that PMPs earn on average $10,000 more than non-certified project managers. Besides this, the PMI organizes meetings in many cities where PMPs meet to network and also get a chance to learn more about project management. The networking potential is a huge benefit as you can learn about new career opportunities. The meetings will enable PMPs attain Professional Development Units which ensures they retain their certification.
An organization can support their employees to gain PMP certification. It has been shown that such organizations will reap the rewards of their efforts by having more knowledgeable and skilled project managers. This leads to efficiency in the workplace and higher retention levels of the best talent.
Having talked about all the benefits, there are a few cons involved. These are mainly due to the costs and time you need to be certified. Besides the exam costs, you’ll need to have taken formal project management classes which will also cost money. The time involved in preparing for the exam is a concern to many people. You might even need to take classes to prepare for it.
All in all, these are small sacrifices to make to attain the certification. The many benefits override these cons, and as in the case of everything good in life, you’ll have to make an effort to get it. The certification makes you a better project manager and shows your commitment to project management as a profession.

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