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How To Play Planning Poker Right

Planning Poker is an estimation technique often used in agile software development. All Scrum teams I’ve worked with or met at gatherings know planning poker and use it on their projects. So I assume it is very widely spread. However, often

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Improve Yourself – Accurately Estimate Tasks

Are your estimates for the duration of tasks not accurate enough? Do you spend more or even less time than you thought you would? This is particularly unpleasant when time is limited. Accurate estimates of task needs practice. The bigger the task the less accurate your estimate usually

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Understanding Agile Story Points Effectively

Understanding Agile Story Points or Scrum Story Points seem quiet challenging if you are only experienced with time based estimations. This post hopefully eases the situation and makes Story Points clearer.

Story Points are commonly used in Agile software development. When talking about Agile software development we are talking about Scrum in most cases, but there are other methods as well.

Historically Story Points arise from a military context, when during the Cold War the Delphi Method was developed to forecast the impact of technology on warfare. The goal was to get a forecast or estimation of probability and expected development time of a certain technology in a single indicator.

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