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What Makes A Good Product Backlog?

Everyone who designs and manages products is familiar with the situation in which different ideas, requirements, market demands and legal regulations just pile up. You end up with a big stack of wishes and requirement and need to refine and

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The Importance of Ready User Stories

User stories in Scrum are work items that the team implements and turns into working software. The product owner is mainly responsible for developing user stories. However the team will have to work with the product owner to refine the

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Reality Check – Cola Doesn’t Need A Product Page

Some time ago we implemented an online shop for a large food discounter. A couple of weeks after the launch, statistics showed that the implemented product page [1] in the shop had been rarely visited. Actually there was nothing wrong with this

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How To Play Planning Poker Right

Planning Poker is an estimation technique often used in agile software development. All Scrum teams I’ve worked with or met at gatherings know planning poker and use it on their projects. So I assume it is very widely spread. However, often

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User Stories And Acceptance Criteria In The House

User Stories and their Acceptance Criteria as the base of implementation work is shown by the example of drawing a house in this post.

User Stories are commonly used in context of Agile software development but that’s not a limitation. Acceptance Criteria will allow you to determine whether or not you have completed the implementation of a User Story.

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