The Best Way For Efficient Communication

In IT as well as other areas communication or the conveyance of information is an important factor. As you might have experienced yourself, communication in general is an error-prone thing. Misunderstandings and perceptions occur regularly and have an impact. Wrongly understood information could lead to unnecessary costs for your organization and frustration amongst staff. …read full post

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Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats is a method that helps to reduce meeting times and make meetings more effective. The method is nowadays widely spread since it is simple, robust and effective. With this post I want to introduce the method briefly and also tell you about some experiences I’ve made using it. …read full post

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How To Do Effective Daily Stand Up Meetings

Daily stand up meetings were introduced to me together with Scrum. From my point of view having a daily stand up meeting is a very good idea for coordinating and planning the day. Since it makes a difference whether your daily stand up meeting is effective or not, I want to share some thoughts on that subject. …read full post

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Reality Check – Cola Doesn’t Need A Product Page

Some time ago we implemented an online shop for a large food discounter. A couple of weeks after the launch, statistics showed that the implemented product page [1] in the shop had been rarely visited.

Actually there was nothing wrong with this product page. If anything, it was a very thoughtful one, with a nice clear layout and a quite complex, but reasoned backend logic. The customer put a lot of energy into mapping all possible business scenarios, specifying details and possible exceptions. The user experience guys were happy. Everything was perfect. …read full post

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How To Play Planning Poker Right

Planning Poker is an estimation technique often used in agile software development. All Scrum teams I’ve worked with or met at gatherings know planning poker and use it on their projects. So I assume it is very widely spread.

However, often enough I’ve seen that Planning Poker isn’t played the right way. There are certain rules for playing Planning Poker that need to be respected in order to get the full benefit of playing it. Team members reveal their estimation to each other before everyone has made an estimate for themselves. In case Story Points are used, there is often a debate about Story Points interfering the actual estimation and exchange of information in Planning Poker. This is just two of the things that could harm Planning Poker. …read full post

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